Hair Care Tips

Beautiful hair is the dream of all women because hair is a crown face, you too, right? As beautiful as any woman, if her hair is problematic, both in terms of health and pieces or style, it would seem there is nothing wrong. As for some of the health problems that often occur hair is dry hair, dandruff, branching, loss, not dense, lice, and redness.

To avoid all sorts of problems, the following is a hair care tips you should do:What should be done?Hair cleaning at least 2 days.Hair that is never or seldom cleaned will be full of dirt that will make your hair smell, dull, hair lice infestation, etc. So, wash your hair at least 2 days in order to awake hygiene and health. Why is not every time the shower? And even then not healthy because it will make the hair's natural oils are not reproduced well, causing dry hair.

Then, make sure you use the right shampoo that matches your scalp. For this, you can choose which is made from natural ingredients such as aloe vera, eggs, etc. However, again check your hair after using it a few times. If it does not match, select another shampoo immediately.

Pay attention to your food consumption.The food that you consume will affect all the activities of your body, including those associated with hair. Well, that healthy hair and ternutrisi, consume foods that lack the protein such as grains, legumes, vegetables, and fruits with fairly.

Drink lots of water.Inevitably, drink lots of water, at least 8 glasses a day, efficacious for the health of the body, including to make hair does not become dehydrated (dry).Check / monitor the medications you are taking.Are you always taking certain medications, whether it's to cure an illness or just prevention? Check the drug. Who knows, there are side effects that can make your hair is damaged. Consultation with a physician is recommended.Cut or trim the ends of your hair once a month minimum.This is to stimulate the growth of hair and avoid split ends.

Caring for your hair naturally.Indeed, you can nourish the hair through a healthy food that is consumed and shampoo are also used, but the hair will be more ternutrisi and grow healthy and lush again if always treated naturally, such as using aloe vera, coconut and hazelnut oil.

What should be avoided? Any activities that are harmful for our hair?Avoid curling and straightening hair.To have healthy hair, keeping your hair naturalness. Waving or straightening the hair just makes damaged.

Avoid hair tie.Although you like a horse tail hair style, but should be avoided as this will make the hair roots become loose and strong so that you are experiencing hair loss problems.Avoid combing hair while the hair is still wet.Why? When combing wet hair, a little lot of you in trouble and you finally force. This leads to hair loss. So, better wait for your hair to dry first and comb it.

Avoid using a hair dryer.It would be better if you prefer your hair dries naturally (dry himself) as a hair dryer will make your scalp and your hair gently heat damaged.Avoid using a comb whose teeth are too tight or loose.This will also make your hair fall out and tangled.

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