How to Make Up Natural

Make up is a beauty tool that always brought a woman to anywhere. By wearing makeup, a woman will look more beautiful, graceful and charming. For a woman's make-up is one of the natural needs, which can change the appearance and can gain confidence in appearance. Because makeup can change a person from ordinary to extraordinary. Actually how to wear make-up is very easy, either way natural makeup or makeup minimalist way. It all depends on how we apply the right makeup and fitting. 

How to apply make-up consists of several ways, namely how natural makeup, minimalist, glamorous, gotic and so on. All of these ways depends on the situation and the circumstances in which you will apply. If only the streets of ordinary or simply for casual events, you can try to apply natural makeup. Besides easy to apply, you will also look more naturally beautiful. For those who want to try to apply natural makeup, please refer to the following article:

Make sure beforehand to clean the skin before applying makeup. After that wear a lightweight moisturizer and match the color and your skin type.

Use a foundation that matches the color of the skin. You can also try to mix 2 or 3 colors to disguise the color of skin you have in order to aesthetically more natural and naturally.
Use a brush to wear a solid powder or powder, so that the powder can shut your face perfectly and still looks light.

When finished using talcum powder and foundatin, it's time to put on eye shadow with soft colors and natural. For those who have white skin should wear bright colors, so that your skin does not look like a pale blue, green and purple. Meanwhile, for those who have olive skin can wear gold and brown colors. Finally the owner of brown skin can wear eye shadow with a dark color and matalik, so that your skin looks radiant and fresh, like gold, brown, dark green and dark blue.
Use eye brow or brow pencil to make it look more alive. You can wear it by pressing gently on the tip of the eyebrow to the outer part of the boundary eyebrows.

Eyeliner can help to beautify your eyebrows eyelids. Then apply eyeliner berwarba brown or gray to make it look natural, or you can also apply black eyeliner berwaba so that the eyes look bigger and beautiful. Apply to draw a line starting from the inside of the eye ends up leading out carefully.
Jepitlah lashes before wearing mascara. After that apply mascara with one sweep just to impress natural, then comb your lashes look thick and so does not build up.

Wear lipstick with natural color or one level above your lip color. For whites and fair to apply lipstick with bright colors, such as pink and orange. Meanwhile, for those who have a slightly darker skin is well suited brown lipstick faintly orange.

The final step for natural makeup is to wear blush with natural colors, such as pink, orange and peach. Apply blush to look like a picture of your expression. Navigate blush on the cheekbones from the ear to bagia dalamagar lbih seemingly fresh and fresh.

Thus this article on how to wear natural makeup. Hopefully this article useful and good luck applying natural makeup at home. Your Beauty radiated through natural makeup beautiful and charming.

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